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Rukovoditel project management tool

Friday 2, 2016 | Comments: 39

When building a smaller website, generally there is a limited number of input files and only two to three people involved in setting up the site and making sure all the initial content is provided and reviewed.

However, for larger projects spanning over months or even years, there are often many more inputs, a larger group of people involved and key dates and milestones to be met along the way. For larger projects like these, we use the Rukovoditel project management tool to track your project online.

Rukovoditel is a flexible web based project management tool, making it easy for us and our clients to have visibility of the project plan and monitor the progress of key activities. Being web based it can be access from anywhere with an internet connection, and is responsive so that it is easy to navigate on a mobile phone.

Some of the great features of Rukovoditel which simplify the process of getting your web project online are:

  • Tasks which can be assigned to our own team or our clients
  • Customised entities to align with typical web development activities
  • Clear dashboard providing the latest status of the project
  • Email notifications to alert you of upcoming due dates and changes to your tasks
  • Ability to attach files to tasks, making it easy to share files to be included in your website

You can find out more information about Rukovoditel on here on their website.

To get your next big idea online, contact us with details of your project so we can get in touch, provide a quote and start planning your project today!


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